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    An early pioneer was Michelle Phan , who joined YouTube in In the United Kingdom, beauty vlogging is a rapidly-growing industry that attracts million hits per month also noting that two-fifths of British women are viewing online beauty tutorials. Generally, whether these YouTubers choose to use their channel as a gateway into creating a name for themselves or as a personal hobby, beauty-related videos generally fall into the following categories: product reviews, makeup tutorials, hauls and personality clips. While issuing this large amount of information, these channels also provide a forum for feedback. These videos showcase how beauty YouTubers get ready for certain occasions going on in their day-to-day life and their daily rituals, whether it be a trip to the mall, special event, or even to just to go to bed. Just last year, Linda Wells, the founding editor of Allure Magazine, was replaced by a younger editor who was seen as more tech savvy and more in touch with the online presence of beauty vloggers. Michelle Lee, the former editor of Nylon and the current editor in chief of Allure, has said that although there was "animosity" towards beauty vloggers in the magazine world at first, she decided to utilize their voices instead. This was a pivotal decision considering beauty vloggers have a way larger influence and salary than beauty editors do in today's times. This change shows that technology is far surpassing paper sales when it comes to the beauty world. Consumers will sooner log onto YouTube and watch a beauty tutorial than they would open up a magazine and view an article on the same topic. The only way that the magazines are able to keep up is by collaborating with the beauty vloggers.

    I am sure that you will like it, even love it. Follow Angel on her world wide adventures.

    Sex, drugs, lust and betrayal follow her from port to port. Will she ever get home? WIN the ultimate Audiobook experience! Enter here no download necessary. Join Now Login. Sort by: Showing results: Flower of Decay: Apr Downloads: Mar Downloads: Feb Downloads: Split Renata W. Nov Downloads: Paying Debts: Part 2 Abigail Adams Erotica Rating: It was soon quiet once again. The forest, the cave, the poisonous animals, and the bear had all disappeared.

    In their place stood a splendid castle with rooms decorated in gold and with beautifully dressed servants. And the bear had been transformed into a handsome young man. He was the prince of this magnificent castle, and he pressed his little bride to his heart, thanking her a thousand times that she had redeemed him and his servants -- the wild animals -- from their enchantment.

    She was now a high and wealthy princess, but she always wore the beautiful nut twig on her breast. It never wilted, and she especially liked to wear it, because it had been the key to her good fortune. Her parents and sisters were soon informed of this happy turn of events.

    The bear prince had them brought to the castle, where they lived in splendid happiness forever after. Ludwig Bechstein was Germany's most widely read collector and editor of folktales during the nineteenth century, his popularity within Germany at that time surpassing that of his more scholarly contemporaries, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

    Little Broomstick Germany There was once a merchant who had three daughters. The two older ones were proud and haughty. The younger one, however, was well behaved and modest, although her beauty greatly surpassed that of her sisters. She dressed simply, and thus unconsciously enhanced her beauty more than her sisters were able to do with the most expensive clothing and jewelry.

    Nettchen, that was the name of the merchant's youngest daughter, had a dear girlfriend who was very poor, but equally beautiful and virtuous. She was a broom binder's daughter, and was for this reason was called Little Broomstick by young and old alike. Both girls were of one heart and one soul. They entrusted one another with their little secrets, and between them all class distinctions fell by the wayside.

    This angered the older sisters greatly, but Nettchen let them scold, and loved her Little Broomstick nonetheless. Once the merchant was planning a long journey, although the season was already very advanced. He asked his daughters if they had a wish as to what he should bring home to them. The oldest one said, "Bring me a golden necklace! But the merchant insisted, so she answered with a smile, "Then bring me three roses growing on one stem.

    He kissed her for her modesty and set forth on his journey. He was on his way home when he remembered the presents that he was supposed to get for his daughters. He soon found a golden necklace and a pair of splendid earrings, but not so the three roses for Nettchen. The father had just decided to download some other valuable present for his darling, when suddenly -- to his surprise -- he came upon a green area.

    Erotica Books

    He stepped through a wide gateway and found himself in a large, blossoming garden adjacent to a splendid castle. Outside everything was covered with snow, but in the garden the trees were in blossom, nightingales were singing in the bushes, and finally he even saw a blossoming rosebush, and on one of its branches were three of the most beautiful half-open buds. Elated, he thought that now he would be able to fulfill Nettchen's wish, and he broke off the branch. He had scarcely done so when an enormous beast with a long ugly snout, ears hanging down, and a shaggy coat and tail appeared before him and laid his long sharp claws on his shoulder.

    The merchant was deathly frightened, and even worse when the beast began to speak, threatening him with death for his misdeed. The merchant begged, telling him why he wanted the roses, whereupon the beast answered, "Your youngest daughter must be a true pearl of her sex.

    Very well, if you will promise to give her to me as a wife in seven months, then you shall live and return to your people.

    The merchant returned to his people and distributed the presents. However, he was sad and melancholy, and they noticed that he was carrying a great burden in his heart. Nettchen asked him to tell her what was troubling him, but he only gave her excuses. He told the secret only to the two older daughters, who wickedly took pleasure in the situation. So that the father could keep his eyes on her, Nettchen was almost never allowed to leave the house. Only Little Broomstick came to visit her from time to time.

    One day -- the seventh month had just passed -- she and Little Broomstick were again together when a carriage stopped before the house.

    A servant, gesturing silently, handed a note to the merchant. On it were written the words, "Fulfill your promise! The girl came, expecting nothing bad. The merchant pointed at her. She was lifted into the carriage, and away they went in a thundering gallop.

    However, the beast recognized the deception as soon as Little Broomstick was brought before him, and he ordered the girl to go home immediately and bring back the right one. The carriage stopped again before the merchant's house, and when Little Broomstick stepped out, Nettchen fell around her neck with friendly greetings.

    But then she was picked up and shoved into the carriage, which drove away with its booty as fast as an arrow. Nettchen was very frightened, but she soon collected herself. Inside the strange, beautiful castle she was received with honor, although with silent gestures, and she no longer felt concerned.

    Silent servants brought her the most delicious things to eat and showed her to a bedroom, where a blinding white canopy bed invited her to rest. After saying her prayers, she surrendered to the arms of sleep. When she awoke she saw to her fright that a disgusting shaggy monster lay next to her. But it was lying there still and quiet, so she left it alone. Then it left, and she had time to think about her adventure.

    The ugly beast gradually became her sleeping companion, and she grew less and less afraid of him. He cuddled up to her, and she stroked his shaggy coat and even allowed him to touch her lips with his long, cold snout. This had gone on for four weeks when one night the beast did not come to her. Nettchen could not sleep for worry and concern about what might have happened to the beast, whom she had become quite fond of. The next morning she was walking in the garden when she saw the beast lying all stretched out on the bank of a pond that served as a bath.

    He did not move a limb and showed every sign of being dead. A bitter pain penetrated her breast, and she cried over the death of the poor beast. But her tears had scarcely started to flow when the monster was transformed into a handsome youth. He stood up before her, pressed her hand to his breast, and said, "You have redeemed me from a terrible curse.

    My father wanted me to marry a woman whom I did not love. I refused steadfastly, and in his anger, my father had a sorceress transform me into a monster. The transformation was to last until an innocent virgin would fall in love with me in spite of my ugly form, and would cry tears on my behalf. You with your heart of an angel have done just that, and I cannot thank you enough. If you will become my wife, I will repay with love what you have done for me.

    Then the deathly quiet castle awoke in a hustle and bustle. Joy ruled everywhere, and the newlyweds lived in bliss. Now the young wife had been given the requirement that she not return to her father's house for one year. However, she obtained a mirror in which she could see everything that was happening in her family circle.

    Nettchen looked into the mirror often, and she saw her father in his sorrow, although her sisters were cheerful and gay. She observed Little Broomstick as well, and how she mourned for her lost girlfriend.

    She did not look into the mirror for some time, and when she returned to it, she saw her father on his deathbed and her sisters in the next room making merry with their friends. This saddened the good sister, and she confided her sorrow with her husband.

    He comforted her, saying, "Your father will not die. In my garden there is a plant whose sap can call back the fleeing life-spirits. The year is nearly over. Then we will fetch your father, and you will not have to be separated from him any longer.

    The two older sisters nearly burst with envy and anger, while the father's joy brought back his health, so that evil turned to good. The sap restored his full strength and wellbeing. Little Broomstick too was overjoyed, and Nettchen was her old girlfriend once again. She and the merchant accompanied them back to the prince's castle.

    Nettchen had a forgiving heart, and however much she had been hurt by her sisters, she wanted to share her good fortune with them. Therefore she invited them to visit her, and showed them all her wealth. However, the splendor angered the sisters, and they resolved to kill their happy sister. Once when they were in the bath, they forced Nettchen under the water, and she drowned.

    They had scarcely done this when a tall female figure rose up before them and glared at them with angry eyes. She touched the dead woman with a wand, and she came back to life. I have noted your good heart and taken you under my protection. These miserable ones killed you. Now I leave their fate in your hands! The good Little Broomstick remained Nettchen's most faithful girlfriend. She still shares her good fortune with her, if in the meantime the two of them have not died. Beauty and the Horse Denmark There was once a merchant whose business was so immense that he was the wealthiest tradesman known.

    He had three daughters, one of whom was named Beauty. One day the merchant received word from friends far away, informing him of the failure of one of his connections, and he at once prepared himself for a journey to that place. The two older daughters asked him to download all sorts of finery and dresses for them, but Beauty asked for nothing at all. When the merchant left, these two girls had rubbed their eyes with onions in order to look as if they were sorry to bid him good-bye; but Beauty needed no such artifice; her tears were quite natural.

    So the merchant went away, and in due time arrived at the place where the tradesman of whom he had heard the bad news was living. But instead of obtaining money, as he hoped, he was kicked and beaten so violently that it seems a great wonder he came away without losing his life.

    Of course he had now nothing to do but return, so he mounted his horse and turned homeward. Towards evening he unfortunately lost his way, and when it became quite dark he knew no better than to ride in the direction of a light which was shining from a distance. At length he reached a beautiful little palace, but although it was lighted, there seemed to be no one at home.

    After a while he found a shelter and food for his horse -- pure oats, and nothing else.

    The DHS Program - Myanmar: Standard DHS,

    The animal might well dance for joy, for both man and beast were well-nigh exhausted from the long ride. When the horse had been provided for, the master stepped into the palace.

    There a light was burning, and a table was laid for one person, but no one was to be seen. As the merchant was tired, he sat down without invitation, and ate a hearty supper. A fine bed was there, too, and when he had eaten enough he stretched himself among the pillows and enjoyed a good night's rest.

    The next morning everything appeared as on the evening before. The horse was well supplied, and as breakfast was ready on the table, the merchant seated himself, doing justice to the good meal. At he was now ready to leave, he thought it might be well to look over the premises, and glancing into the garden he perceived some exquisite flowers. He went down, intending to carry some of them home with him as a present for Beauty; but no sooner had he touched them than a horse came running towards him as fast as it could trot, saying, "You thoughtless man; I was good to you last night, I gave you shelter and provisions, and now you would even take with you the most beautiful flowers in my garden.

    As soon as he reached his house, the two older daughters came out and asked him for the fine things which they were expecting. But Beauty came and bid him welcome.

    He produced the flowers and gave them to her, saying, "These are for you, but they cost your life," and he then told her how he had been obliged to make the fatal promise to the horse, in order to save his life.

    Beauty at once said, "I am willing to follow you, father, and am always glad to help you. As before, no one was to be seen, but the merchant found food for his horses and a good stable The table was also laid for two persons, and there were two beds. Having done justice to the supper, father and daughter retired and slept soundly.

    When they awoke the next morning, they found breakfast ready for both, ate heartily, and having exchanged many loving and tender words, they separated, the father riding away. We will let him proceed, and see what occurred at the palace. Shortly before dinnertime the horse arrived.

    He came into the room and said, "Welcome, Beauty! I shall come home every day at noon; at other times you must not expect me.

    She gradually came to look at him more and more kindly; but one thing caused her great distress, namely, that she had no news from her father.

    One day she mentioned this to the horse. In the large room you will find a mirror in which you can see all that you are thinking of. As soon as she thought of her father, her old home was visible in the glass, and she noticed how he was sitting in his chair with a sorrowful expression upon his countenance, while his two daughters were singing and dancing.

    Beauty felt sorry over this state of affairs, and the next day she told the horse what she had seen. He will soon feel better, however. Beauty burst into tears, and when the horse came home, asking what ailed her, she told him of the bad state of affairs, wishing that he would allow her to return and nurse her poor father during his illness. When you desire to return, you must do likewise.

    Beauty YouTuber

    Her father became so glad to see her again that he at once felt a great deal better. She cared so well for him that the next day he was able to be up, and on the third day he was almost well.

    As he wished her to stay with him a few days longer, she complied, thinking that no harm would come from it. On the third day after, however, when she looked into the mirror, she saw the horse stretched on the ground in front of the bench which was her favorite seat in the garden. Be friendly to other beauties, but not solicitous. When you are in conversation with a beauty, it is essential that you be perceived as no more or less than she is.

    Be truthful about every aspect of your life except marriage if any. If married, say that you and your spouse have divorced, to give an impression of unfettered freedom. Taking his hand and smiling congenially can create a sense of low-key accompaniment. The concerns of your Designated Mate are your concerns. The room assigned to a powerful man will be more lavish than the one you slept in while awaiting his arrival.

    Determine whether your Designated Mate seeks physical intimacy; if not, feign the wish for a nap. Your pretense of sleep will allow him to feel that he is alone. Curling up under bedclothes, even those belonging to an enemy subject, may be soothing. If you are within earshot of his conversation, record it. Since beauties carry neither pocketbooks nor timepieces, you cannot credibly transport recording devices.

    A microphone has been implanted just beyond the first turn of your right ear canal. Activate the microphone by pressing the triangle of cartilage across your ear opening.

    You will hear a faint whine as recording begins. In extreme quiet, or to a person whose head is adjacent to yours, this whine may be audible. You need not identify or comprehend the language your subject is using. Your job is proximity; if you are near your Designated Mate, recording his private speech, you are succeeding.

    Profanity sounds the same in every language. An angry subject will guard his words less carefully. You may feel afraid as you do this. Your pounding heartbeat will not be recorded. If your Designated Mate is standing on a balcony, hover in the doorway just behind him. If he pivots and discovers you, pretend that you were on the verge of approaching him. Anger usually trumps suspicion.

    If your subject brushes past you and storms out of the room, slamming the door, you have eluded detection. Nuanced communication is too easily monitored by the enemy. Your Subcutaneous Pulse System issues pings so generic that detection would reveal neither source nor intent.

    A button is embedded behind the inside ligament of your right knee if right-handed. Depress twice to indicate to loved ones that you are well and thinking of them.

    You may send this signal only once each day. A continuous depression of the button indicates an emergency. You will debate, each day, the best time to send your signal. You will reflect on the fact that your husband, coming from a culture of tribal allegiance, understands and applauds your patriotism.

    You will reflect on the enclosed and joyful life that the two of you have shared since graduate school. You will reflect on your joint conviction that your service had to be undertaken before you had children. You will reflect on the fact that you are thirty-three, and have spent your professional life fomenting musical trends. You will reflect on the fact that you must return home the same person you were when you left. You will reflect on the fact that you had stopped being that person even before leaving.

    You will reflect on the fact that too much reflection is pointless. Your Field Instructions, stored in a chip beneath your hairline, will serve as both a mission log and a guide for others undertaking this work. Pressing your left thumb if right-handed against your left middle fingertip begins recording. For clearest results, mentally speak the thought, as if talking to yourself. Always filter your observations and experience through the lens of their didactic value.

    Your training is ongoing; you must learn from each step you take. When your mission is complete, you may view the results of the download before adding your Field Instructions to your mission file. Where stray or personal thoughts have intruded, you may delete them. Sleep is restorative in almost every circumstance.

    The sound of showering likely indicates the return of your Designated Mate. As a beauty, you will be expected to return to your room and change clothes often; a fresh appearance at mealtimes is essential. The goal is to be a lovely, innocuous, evolving surprise. A crisp white sundress against tanned skin is widely viewed as attractive. Avoid overbright colors; they are attention-seeking and hinder camouflage.

    White is not, technically speaking, a bright color. White is, nevertheless, bright. Gold spike-heeled sandals may compromise your ability to run or jump, but they look good on tanned feet.

    If your Designated Mate leads you to dinner with an arm at your waist, assume that your attire change was successful. For most beauties, the lure of food is a hazard; as a beauty of limited tenure, you may eat what you want. Squab can be consumed by ripping the bird apart with your hands and sucking the meat from the bones. A stunned expression reveals that your host expected the use of utensils.

    A host who caters to violent guests will understand implicitly the need for discretion. If your job is to appear simpleminded, a confidence may mean that you have failed. Everyone should brush his teeth before dinner. Ears must be kept clean at all times. If your host warns you that your Designated Mate may pose an immediate danger to you, assume that your Designated Mate has left the room. Never betray urgency, not even in an empty hallway.

    If you have no idea in which direction your Designated Mate has gone, hold still. If you find yourself hovering beside a pair of glass doors, you may open them and step outside.

    Nights in the South of France are a strange, dark, piercing blue. A bright moon can astonish, no matter how many times you have seen it. If you were a child who loved the moon, looking at the moon will forever remind you of childhood. Fatherless girls may invest the moon with a certain paternal promise. Everyone has a father. The truth of your paternity, discovered in adulthood, will make the lie seem retroactively ludicrous.

    Publicists occasionally have flings with their movie-star clients. It is especially not a comfort when the star in question has seven other children from three different marriages.

    A sudden reconfiguration of your past can change the fit and feel of your adulthood. It may cleave you, irreparably, from the mother whose single goal has been your happiness. If your husband has transformed greatly in his own life, he will understand your transformation. Avoid excessive self-reflection; your job is to look out, not in. Holding still can sometimes prove more effective than actively searching.

    The sea is audible against the rocks well before you see it. Even at night, the Mediterranean is more blue than black. If you wish to avoid physical intimacy, the sight of a speedboat will bring relief, despite the myriad new problems it presents. A man known for his cruelty may still show great care in guiding his beauty into a rocking speedboat.

    He may interpret her hesitation to board as a fear of falling in. Resist the impulse to ask where you are going. Try, when anxious, to summon up a goofy giggle. Locate your Personal Calming Source and use it. If your Personal Calming Source is the moon, be grateful that it is dark and that the moon is especially bright. You need to have children. You need to tell the movie star that he has an eighth child, and that she is a hero.

    At high velocity, a speedboat slams along the tops of waves. Fear and excitement are sometimes indistinguishable. When the captain of a boat adjusts his course in response to commands from your Designated Mate, he may not know where he is taking you. The Mediterranean is vast enough to have once seemed infinite. A beauty should require no more context than the presence of her Designated Mate. A beauty must appear to enjoy any journey he initiates.

    Simulate said enjoyment by putting an affectionate arm around him and nestling your head close to his. At night, far from shore, stars pulse with a strength that is impossible to conceive of in the proximity of light. Your whereabouts will never be a mystery; you will be visible at all times as a dot of light on the screens of those watching over you.

    You are one of hundreds, each a potential hero. Technology has afforded ordinary people a chance to glow in the cosmos of human achievement.

    Your lack of espionage and language training is what makes your record clean and neutral. You are an ordinary person undertaking an extraordinary task. You need not be remarkable for your credentials or skill sets, only for your bravery and equilibrium.

    In the new heroism, the goal is to merge with something larger than yourself. In the new heroism, the goal is to throw off generations of self-involvement.

    In the new heroism, the goal is to renounce the American fixation with being seen and recognized. In the new heroism, the goal is to dig beneath your shiny persona. Some liken this discovery to a dream in which a familiar home acquires new wings and rooms. The power of individual magnetism is nothing against the power of combined selfless effort.

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